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  • 1.2 mtpa Pellet Plant for MSPL, India

  • 1.5 mtpa Recovery Coke Oven for JSW Steel, India

  • Steel Making & CCM Workshop for Tosyali, Turkey

    1.2 mtpa Bar/Wire Rod Mill for ICDAS Steel Plant, Turkey


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Steel Making & Continuous Casting

General Contracting Of 2X60 T Converter And Caster Equipment For Guangzhou Iron And Steel Company

Customer:Guangzhou Iron And Steel Company

project duration:2003-2004

contracting scope:General contracting for 2X60 t converter modification project

General Contracting For Eaf Steel Making Shop Project Of Sinosteel Hengyang Heavy Machinery

Customer:Sinosteel Hengyang Heavy Machinery

project duration:2009-2010

contracting scope:100 t + 40 t teeming EAF and casting equipment design, supply and project management.

175 T Eaf Project Of ICADS Steel Plant In Turkey

Customer:ICADS Steel Plant In Turkey

project duration:2002-2004

contracting scope:conversion design and supply of 175 t EAF, 175 LF and 6-strand billet caster.

1# KR Hot Metal Desulphurization, Desilicatation and Dephosphorization Project for Xingcheng Spcial Steel Co., Ltd.

Customer:Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Co., Ltd.

project duration:2004.12-2005.09

contracting scope:Desulphurizing, Desilicatating and Dephosphorizing Station for Hot Metal

Steel-making Project for Tianjin Seamless Steel Plant

Customer:Tianjin Seamless Steel Plant

project duration:2004-2005

contracting scope:90t UHP EAF, LF , VOD,billet and round caster.

6MT Steel Making Project for Cangzhou Zongheng Industries Ltd.

Customer:Cangzhou Zongheng Industries Ltd.

project duration:2007-2009

contracting scope:All systems of 6.0Mt Steel Making Workshop

150 t UHP EAFof Zhujiang Iron and Steel Company

Customer:Zhujiang Iron and Steel Company

project duration:2000-2002

contracting scope:150 t EAFpackage

120 t LF Of Erdemir In Turkey

Customer:Erdemir Steel Plant Of Turkey

project duration:2006-2007

contracting scope:Basic and detailed engineering and supply of main equipment, provision of installation and commissio...

Steel Making and CCM Workshop Of Tosyali In Turkey

Customer:TOSYALI Turkey

project duration:2008-2009

contracting scope:130 t EAF, 130 t LF, 2-strand slab CCM