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Ferro Alloy

Apart from chrome ores and manganese ore, we also deal with ferro alloy products, including but not limited to high carbon ferro chrome from India, charge chrome from South Africa and ferro chrome from Zimbabwe.

Indian ferro chrome:

Indian ferro chrome is renowned for its high quality in Chinese market. The normal traded specifications go as follows:

Cr 60% Min
Si 4% Max
C 8% Max
P 0.035% Max
S 0.06% Max
10-150mm 90% Min

Charge chrome from South Africa:

South African Charge chrome is well known in Chinese market for its low cost. As a new trend, Indian stainless steel plants started importing Charge Chrome from South Africa to blend with Indian ferro chrome in order to reduce their overall production cost, as the Cr2O3 content (typical 50%) in South Africa is much lower than Indian Ferro Chrome (typical 60%).

The typical specifications are furnished as below:

Cr 50% Min
Si 7% Max
C 7% Max
P 0.025% Max
S 0.06% Max
10-50mm / 10-100mm

Ferro chrome from Zimbabwe

Sinosteel India also provides high quality ferro chrome from Zimbabwe. The normal traded specifications are indicated as follows:

Grade ALT Grade R Grade S Grade S Grade
Cr 62.00% Min 58.00% Min 55.00% Min 57.00% Min
Si 1.50% Max 3.00% 2.50% Max Typ. 3.50% Max 3.00% Max
C 7.50% Max 8.00% Max 8.00% Max 8.00% Max
Mn 0.40% Max 0.40% Max 0.40% Max 0.40% Max
P 0.030% Max 0.030% Max 0.030% Max 0.030% Max
S 0.070% Max 0.070% Max 0.080% Max 0.070% Max
Ti 0.100 Max
90% 10×150 mm 10×150 mm 10×60 mm -3 mm 4×25 mm