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Intergrated Steel Complex

General Contracting Of 1 Mt Iron Making System Project Of Kunming Honghe Steel Plant

Customer:Kunming Honghe Steel Plant

Project Schedule:2004-2006

Business Scope: raw material yard, 2X90m2> sintering machine, 2X450 m3 BF

Main technical features:

2X90 m2 sintering system

Two sets of sintering machines are arranged as double systems according to requirement for producing sinter with different alkalinity.

The fuel crushing system adopts two-section process flow, i.e. coarse crushing and fine crushing.

Automatic weight proportioning is adopted to stabilize the chemical composition of sinter.

The mix nodularizing time is extended to reach 7 min total nodularizing time of mix.

Preheating measures are taken for mix to improve the air permeability.

Grate layer material process is adopted for sintering and hot screening operation is cancelled.

Charge end of sintering machine adopts 2-section high efficiency multi-tube deduster, and the discharge end fuel crushing and proportioning shop adopt high efficiency ESP and facility and condition for using converter sludge are arranged.

Proportioning system and main sintering system (including primary mixing, secondary mixing, distribution and sintering) adopt computer control. Recovery facility of sintering waste heat is completely considered and secondary addition of fuel and flux is considered.

2X450 m3 BF iron making system

BF proper adopts frame self standing structure.

3 sets of spherical HBS are equipped (with position of 4th stove reserved), with blasting temperature 1100-11500C. The HBS adopts combustion air and gas double preheating device.

Top charging equipment adopts serial hopper bell less top.

Gas adopts pulse bag filter system with back blowing for cleaning.

BF slag adopts wheel type granulating process.

Capacity of pig casting machine can meet requirement of one set of BF for daily production of pig iron.

BF material feeding system, under stock house and top charging system, HBS combustion and blasting system, dry type gas bag filter back blowing system, pulverized coal preparation and injection system adopt computer control.

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