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Intergrated Steel Complex

General Contracting For 2.1 Mt Iron Making System Project Of ISDEMIR Steel Plant In Turkey

Customer:ISDEMIR Steel Plant In Turkey

Project Schedule:2005-2011

Business Scope:3050 m3 BF, PCI for 2 sets of 1500 m3 and 1 set of 2500 m3 BF, 5# and 6# coke ovens, 3.2 MT sinter.


All BF systems, excluding pig casting machine and TRT system. New technology and new equipment contracting mode is adopted.

  • New type serial hopper bell less top
  • Full stack cooling stave structure, and high heat load area adopting copper cooling stave.
  • Combined structure of ceramic cup and carbon brick
  • BF proper and hot blast valve adopts integrated softened water cooling.
  • Stock level monitoring device in furnace.
  • Advanced and reasonable cast house type and intensified dedusting technology in tap hole area.
  • High temperature long life time external combustion HBS technology.
  • New type INBA slag granulating and treatment system
  • Coke nut and sinter of small grain size recovery, fume waste heat recovery and other energy saving and consumption reducing technology.

Coke oven

The 5# and 6# coke oven project of ISDEMIR in Turkey is the first large coke oven export project undertaken by the company in form of EPC. The annual design production capacity of coke by the 2 sets of coke ovens is 1.3 MT. the contracts for the coke oven project general contracting and the coke oven machinery project are signed respectively in June and July 2004. Start-up is effected and coke produced for the two sets of coke ovens respectively on October 27 2007 and November 30, 2007, and performance test and acceptance test are successfully passed on May 10, 2008. on November 15, final acceptance is smoothly passed by the owner for the coke oven project.


General contracting for PCI projects for 2 sets of 1500 m3 BF and 1 set of 1500 m3 BF. On November 18, 2008, the company got the PCI project for 1# (1500 m3), 2# (1500 m3) and 3# (2500 m3) BF of ISDEMIR Steel Plant in Turkey. The PCI project for the BF in Turkey is the first large BF PCI project undertaken by contracting by the company. The company is responsible for engineering design, equipment supply, technical service and production instructions to BF operation and PCI operation. With hard working of the technical personnel and project management personnel of the company, the project is successfully started up on November 15, 2007 and final acceptance is smoothly passed by the owner on September 1, 2008.


Project with annual production of 3.2 million t/a sinter. Except civil work construction and equipment installation, all other designs, equipment supply, training, installation and commissioning instructions and acceptance test are in the responsibility of the company.

Main technical features of the sintering project:

Annual production of sinter is 3.2 MT/a (daily production 9676 t).

Availability of main production line is 90.4%, and the gas consumption of ignition furnace is not higher than 16,000 kcal per t sinter.

Availability of all control and automation systems reaches 99%.

Dust concentration at exit of ESP is not higher than 50 mg/Nm3.

Dust concentration at exit of chimney is not higher than 50 mg/Nm3.

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