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Intergrated Steel Complex

2MT Integrated Steel Plant (EPC), Phase I of 6.0MT Steel Complex for Zongheng Iron & Steel Corporation

Customer:Zongheng Iron & Steel Corporation

Project Schedule:


Contract Content:

Integrated Steel Plant EPC

Scope of Sinosteel MECC:

Main Content of Phase I:

★ 1 x 2350m3 BF

★ 1 x 240m2 sinter machine

★ 2 x 10m2 shaft furnace

★ Limekiln plant

★ Steel making workshop(including 150t converter, 150t LF , two strands slab caster, factory building and part of auxiliary facilities)

★ 1250mm Hot Strip Mill


Main Content of Phase II:

★ Mechanical material yard

★ 2.2MT Coke Oven Complex (4 x 55ovens, 6m top-charging)

★ 2 x 2350m3 BFs

★ 2 x 240m2 sinter machine

★ 2MT Pellet Plant (Grate-kiln)

★ Steel making workshop(including 2 x 150t converters, two sets of 2-strand 230mm x 1650mm Slab Casters)

★ 2×1780mm Continuous Rolling Walking Beam Reheating Furnaces

★50,000万m3Coke Oven Gas Holder


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